What you´ll need to begin: own a body.

Moving is human. Gesturing, fighting, dancing, juggling, acrobatics: these are all expressions of our fundamental impetus to move. Our body lives in motion, but the diversity of our movement repertoire is not bound by the limits of closed disciplines. Movement is integrated and transdisciplinary.

Embracing a movement practice means to constantly surprise yourself with your own potential and overcome challenges. Give yourself the chance to ​hang, balance, ​​​experience new forms of locomotion, lift some weights or your own weight, take care of your body with prehab and rehab exercises, and have fun: join us on this challenging, yet playful journey.

We are a collaborative and sustainable community of practitioners and researchers of the Movement Culture. Our practice goes beyond physical training towards more profound human development. For that reason, we are connected to an even larger global community, dedicated to studying and sharing the method created by our teacher, Ido Portal.​

Join us. Expand your limits. Practice Movement.

The teacher Rodrigo Lima participate Mentorship, advanced training program Ido Portal method.
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In this section you will find translated articles, stories, experiences and more stuff that will help your mind to move your body!



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