[Article] The Good Teacher Holy Trinity


“People keep asking me who is a good teacher in my eyes and I have to admit few should receive this title.
Most programs/coaches out there are successful due to marketing, not quality instruction.

The Internet and Facebook is a place of talk, where the currency of theory speaks louder than practice.
There are many things that SOUND good out there but there is little practice to support the mountainous claims, in most cases.

For this reason, I suggest a simple solution:
Don’t waste time reading/listening to CLAIMS. Look at the evidence/lack of.

If you see a system/method/teacher posting results from another student and another student and then yet another – you are probably in the right place.

Just make sure that the teacher at hand passes the ‘Good Teacher Holy Trinity’:

1. SHOW ME YOUR STUDENTS. There are repetitive results and they come (also) from similar demographic to yours. A trainer of CHILDREN (most gymnastics coaches for example) cannot necessarily reproduce his results with adults. A trainer of beginner stages is not always able to show effectiveness with advanced levels, etc.

2. NO BULLSHIT. The theory that supports the practice should be sound. You caught him with a mistake? Notify him. If he doesn’t deal with it, move on. Everyone can make mistakes but you should clean up your act when you catch yourself making one.

3. WALK THE WALK. (Nasim Taleb’s concept of ‘Skin in the game’ should be researched here) The teacher practices what he preaches. No exceptions. If he believes so much in what he does – why wouldn’t he? In any age – you can do SOMETHING, you can practice what you recommend others to practice, really – no exceptions.

This is what I call the Good Teacher Holy Trinity.

Rare? You better believe it. Good teachers are hard to find.

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